Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another War Story: Greasy Palms

I was reminded last week of another very special episode from my first teaching position, at a large elementary school in inner city New York City. I had forgotten that our school was tracked - and all kids, from grades K to 5, were in a class that was numbered indicating how high they ranked. I taught class 308, the bottom class, and conversely 301 was the top class.

After my third year at this school, for a number of reasons I moved to a smaller elementary public school in another part of the same community.

Here's the story: I gave my principal plenty of lead time to know that I was leaving so she could plan for my replacement in the fall. I think I told her in early March. I was expecting some fallout but I wasn't expecting this: "Mr. Sink...if you stay...I will give you the Top Class."

I was being bribed by getting to teach the "smart" kids!

Needless to say, the offer only made me more certain that it was time to leave, and I never looked back.

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